Jocelyn Ball-Hansen Artist Artwork - Life Drawings

A selection of drawings. Artwork subjects include the figure, portraits, landscape, and still-life.

The key to developing good drawing skills that can be applied to working up a drawing for a painting, comes from constantly maintaining good observational abilities, visual memory, and plenty of continuous practice. Though I did begin life drawing at age sixteen in high school, continuing two times a week for four years during art college, as well as attending drop in life drawing groups off and on, there is no need to go to any expense to practice this. Though you could search out artist groups or drop in life drawing groups in your area. However, lots of artists sketch from life in public, there is the option of working from still life at home, in natural or artificial direct light, as well as drawing pets and family members. One idea is to begin by practicing drawing quick thirty second to one minute gestures from people and pets that move around you, either at home or in public.

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